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Operating Principles

The Six "People Helping People" Operating Principles

   World Children's Fund-HK follows a six-fold program for helping indigenous child care programs grow stronger and achieve long-lasting improvements.

   We focus primarily on “people to people” projects that mobilize voluntary, worldwide sharing of finances, materials, and other resources.

   Our six “People Helping People" Principles:
  1. Try to empower grassroots, indigenous movements – We realize that in most critical situations, there are usually already skilled and trained local people who are ready to help, if only they can receive emergency assistance to meet the needs. We will never send in costly, foreign specialists until we have helped the local people first.

  2. Try first for assist established, successful local programs – We avoid competing with existing local programs by helping start new local programs until we have already done our best to help the existing agencies do their best.

  3. Try to promote freedom from dependency on foreign aid – We give short-term assistance, not long-term funding or finances for operational budgets. The goal is to help liberate local, indigenous agencies from dependence on outside help.

  4. Try always to provide strategic aid at the right time and place for maximum benefit to all - Through strategic alliances with corporations, individuals and other non-profit organizations, We seek to multiply the size of donations. Sometimes a small, carefully planned gift will unblock aid and enable a program to expand. 
  5. Try always to simplify reporting while maintaining strong accountability – We provide aid to children in need as directly and quickly as possible while maintaining integrity and responsibility through audits and on site inspection, without adding exhaustive paperwork and wasteful levels of bureaucracy and agencies.

  6. Try to provide total care for children regardless of race, religion, and gender – We support childcare projects and programs that are non-sectarian and non-discriminating. However, we are also looking for programs that address the whole needs of the child – physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. We support programs that promise to give abandoned children moral strength to be good citizens and develop a strong work ethic so that they will someday be able to care for themselves and their children.

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