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How WCF-HK Helps

How WCF-HK helps: Our Six Areas of Service to hurting children

World Children's Fund-HK promotes the vision of Joseph Lam by assisting programs in six major areas of concern. Financial aid and material assistance reaches out to precious little ones in need through:
  1. Disaster Relief – As caring people give, we are able to help send emergency food shipments and other kinds of aid to catastrophes, epidemics or refugees of wars where precious children and their families are in immediate need.

  2. Children's Homes and Orphanages – As caring people give, we are able to help provide housing and shelter for abandoned, homeless, or orphaned children.

  3. Rescue Operations – As people give, we are able to help support intervention efforts to release children from situations of abuse, exploitation, and slavery including child soldiers and prostitutes.

  4. Community Development – As caring people give, we are able to help communities and extended families reach basic standards of living to help save more children – often the best way to help the child is to help the family.

  5. Education and Foster Care – As people give, we are able to help partner agencies find adoptive families who will raise children who have lost their parents.

  6. Feeding Programs – As caring people give, we provide food and nutrients to malnourished and starving children, giving them the opportunity to grow and thrive.

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