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Quick Facts

World Children's Fund-HK is a donor funded organization that helps rescue needy children and their families who are abandoned, distressed, endangered, exploited, homeless, hungry, sick, or suffering.

Seven Rights of a Child Vision Statement
  • No child goes hungry
  • No child remains sick
  • No child goes homeless
  • No child goes unprotected
  • No child goes unschooled
  • No child goes uncared for
  • No child suffers violence
  • Disaster and refugee relief
  • Children’s homes and orphanages
  • Rescue operations
  • Community development
  • Education and child care
  • Feeding programs
  • Empower grass roots, indigenous movements
  • Assist already established successful local programs
  • Promote freedom from dependency on foreign aid
  • Provide strategic aid at the right time and place for maximum benefit 
  • Require simple reporting while maintaining strong accountability
  • Be nondiscriminating while providing total care regardless of race, religion or gender
With a small but efficient staff and low overhead, we are a high-tech model charity for the twenty-first century.

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