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Vision and Operation

    The key to our efficiency and effectiveness is Joseph Lam’s vision for the WCF Global Care and Share Network. The GCSN is helping hundreds of independent charities and organizations work as a team. By exchanging and sharing resources, and working with partner agencies in the field, we are able to reduce overhead costs. Every donation that we recieve is stretched to the maximum.

    “The secret,” says Mr. Lam, “is to not reinvent the wheel. We are carefully avoiding duplication of costs, effort and systems. We co-venture with program providers and outside agencies rather than build up a big internal staff.

    “Our plan is to continue to work with a small, skilled, professional staff using advanced technology and networking to keep overhead costs low.

    “My operating vision is to continue on this path, growing larger and involving caring contributors from every level of society. Meanwhile, we are seeking to communicate with existing partners and friends efficiently. Ultimately, we believe that we will be able to provide much more life-saving aid to needy children using less overhead.”

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